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Poetry and Patrick the Parrot!

Two special events have taken place in the English department during the last week: some Year 6 pupils went to the Swan Theatre to see their poems being performed by RSC actors on National Poetry Day, and Year 1 and Year 2 pupils enjoyed listening to Gail Clarke tell her fabulous story with the help of Patrick the parrot and his grandfather, Gilbert.

The theme of this year’s National Poetry Day was ‘Water’ and 32 Year 6 pupils entered their poems for the event hosted by the RSC. The poems ranged from the journey of a raindrop to the enjoyment that water gives us, to the importance water has for life. Some of the latter were chosen to be read at the School’s Harvest Celebration.

Grace H, Fergus M, Holly H, Charlie S, Lizzy P and Adam B were particularly thrilled to see their poems being performed by four talented actors, who added their own style to each line.

"Some were rapped, sung or read normally. They used props to act out what was happening in the poem" (Holly H)

"The RSC actors were lively and passionate, which hooked you in" (Grace H)

"They drifted from one poem to another without stopping. I liked watching the actors wearing armbands and goggles" (Freddie S)

"It was a brilliant school trip and made us realise how lucky we are to have the RSC nearby" (Robert M)


Gail Clarke, author, illustrator and storyteller, entertained Year 1 and Year 2 pupils with her interactive version of her own book, ‘Patrick’s Birthday Message’. The children joined in with sound effects and actions, as well as being captivated by puppets of Patrick and Gilbert. What a lovely way to end a Monday afternoon!