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Mufti Day - 1930's Attire

On Friday 26 April, Mrs Thornton would be delighted if the Prep children could wear 1930’s clothes in celebration of the School’s 80th Anniversary. Typically, girls wore simple, full-skirted, puffed-sleeved, cotton dresses with collars and cuffs known as saque dresses, or jumper dresses; ankle socks and hair ribbons. Boys commonly wore corduroy trousers - long or short - and striped knit shirts, or button shirts and overalls; young boys also wore suits with shorts until they were 5 or 6 years old; sweaters, and small caps with a brim were popular accessories for young boys.

Mufti is optional for Pre-Prep and Early Years pupils. School Uniform must be worn if children are not wearing 1930’s dress.