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This Saturday’s cross country meet at Charlecote Park has been cancelled, due to the strong winds.

Mrs Payne's Trip to Uganda

Prep pupils were delighted to welcome back former teacher, Mrs Val Payne. Mrs Payne joined assembly to tell the children about her visit to Uganda to meet with Enok, the young boy that Croft pupils sponsor.

Enok's mother died shortly after he was born and his grandparents could not afford to look after him. Enok now lives in an orphanage which was started by a lady called Dorothy. Dorothy started looking after babies in her own home if they had no one who could look after them. Living conditions for the children were inadequate, so money was raised to build better accommodation on land that had been given to Dorothy. The land is near a beautiful game park and sometimes they have trouble with elephants roaming on the land!

Seven bungalows have been built, each bungalow is home to 10 children and a housemother who is like their mum. School rooms for younger children and a large hall which is used as a church on Sundays have also been constructed – all by hand, as there are no diggers.

During her visit, Mrs Payne noticed how much Enok had changed over the years, from a quiet, withdrawn child who hardly ever smiled, into a happy, confident boy. Mrs Payne also sang, played games and taught drama with the children. The children learn to speak and read in English from a young age because all subjects are taught in English in schools. When they reach Year 3, they go to a local school.

The money that The Croft sends is used to buy Enok's food, medicines if he is sick, pay for education when he goes to the local school, and help run the orphanage. All for £1.70 a day! Croft pupils are really making a difference to Enok's life.