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Mindfulness and Relaxation

The children in Class 2MS have been doing some mindfulness and relaxation in class; this is how some of them feel about it:

‘I feel happy, relaxed and peaceful’ – Orla

‘I feel like I am sinking through the floor’ –  Tilly

‘Sometimes I feel like I am going somewhere different’ – Lila

‘It makes me feel very special and relaxed’ –  Anna

‘Sometimes when I have a bad headache or bad knees, it makes them disappear’ – Jack

‘I feel like I am the only person in the room and I feel very confident. Sometimes I feel like I have just disappeared’ – Grace

‘I love Yoga and enjoy doing it at home’ –  Albert

‘I am excited that we might do Yoga at school!’ – Edward

‘I find it very relaxing and using the bubbles to help with breathing’ – Louie

‘I feel so relaxed and positive’ – Jiya

‘I love Yoga and really, really want to try that’ – Oliver

Some of the sayings we use to help keep us positive are:

‘I am calm’ – Thomas

‘I am special’ – Henry

‘I am peaceful’ – Jim

‘I am funny’ – Josh

‘I am strong and joyful’ – Woody

‘I am marvellous’ – Rohan

Archie says: ‘I would like Year 1 to try it, and even Mr Bolderston and Mr Cook!’