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Handwriting - a dying art?

n this age of keyboards and tablets, it could be claimed that children no longer need to have a beautiful cursive script. At The Croft, we enjoy the benefits of technology, but we also place importance on having legible handwriting. There are many occasions when handwriting is needed. Examinations at school right up to university level, for example, usually require handwritten responses. Stamina has to be built up and developed over time. As well as the handwriting being legible, there is increasingly a need for speed.

Croft pupils have handwriting lessons each week up to the end of Year 4. This is where practice makes perfect.

Many of our pupils have recently entered the National Schools’ Handwriting Competition. This involved carefully copying a poem onto unlined paper, using a fountain pen. Preparation for this included, thinking about posture, the position of the paper on the desk and how to hold the pen. Concentration was vital! One mistake and the poem had to be restarted, but, with perseverance and focus, a high standard was achieved. It was very pleasing to see how much pride was taken in the end result. We await to see how we fared in the competition, but, regardless of that, it has been a valuable exercise to put handwriting back on the map!