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Fun with Mr Punch

Last Tuesday, as part of their History topic, Year 2 was lucky enough to have a visit from a 'Punch and Judy' man.

The children had the opportunity to make their own mini puppet booth and some puppets so that parents can all enjoy a show over half term. They were then able to watch a real life 'Punch and Judy' show performed by Chris who also showed them how the puppets worked, how the booth was constructed and told them the history of its origins. They were shown how the distinctive voice of Mr Punch is produced and were introduced to some familiar characters like Judy, as well as some unfamiliar ones, such as the dog, Toby. Judging from the laughter and squeals it produced, I think one of their favourites was the crocodile. I wish it were possible to convey how much fun the children had. It was a joy to see them. I am sure that they have already told their parents all about it!

Mrs Leena Garrett