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Forest Hermitage Buddhist Monastery

On Tuesday 11th March we were lucky enough to be visited by Tahn Manapo Bhikkhu, our local Buddhist monk form the Forest Hermitage Buddhist monastery and centre in Warwick. Manapo arrived shaven headed, in his traditional Buddhist monk orange robes, with his alms giving bowl and brought a beautiful golden statue of the Buddha. He spoke to all of Prep in an assembly.

He told us about his life, the Buddha's life, how Buddhism started, what Buddhists believe and how they practise. Manapo showed us his special silver drinking cup which had a filter on it so that he wouldn't drink or harm any living beings if he drank water from a stream or lake. He led us all in some meditation which made us all feel very calm, relaxed and even sleepy. He then went on to spend an hour with all of Year 6 where he gave them more detail about his, and the Buddhist, way of life. He answered lots of their eager questions such as: Why do you wear those robes? When do you eat? Have you been enlightened yet? He then led year 6 in some longer meditation where they tried to train and empty their minds. They found it was not as easy as it sounds!

Mrs Sally Challis, RE Teacher