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This Saturday’s cross country meet at Charlecote Park has been cancelled, due to the strong winds.

European Day of Languages

‘Bravo à Madame Saint-Laurent - the European Day of Languages was an excellent reminder of the importance of learning a second language. Following tradition, the day began with Form 5L’s rendition of ‘Cendrillon’. The pupils spoke eloquently, clearly and exclusively in French. Those who did not follow the language could use some of the pictures to understand the story, and didn’t Dan S, Finn A and Josh F make very convincing ugly sisters?!

The activities for the day were: Année 3: Gymnase; Arts plastiques; et Jeu de l’élastique. Année 4: Le Vacance de Monsieur Coggins which highlighted a visit to Disneyland, eating frogs’ legs and drinking fine wine; building La Tour Eiffel; et studying les croix religieuses. Année 5: painted larger than life size portraits of Toulouse-Lautrec, Auguste Rodin and Louise Bourgeois; attended the école des mousquetaires and learnt braille. Année 6: played lotto en français; cooked and ate crêpes; and learnt about Comté, Brie and other French cheeses. The final event was the Tournoi de Handball, played in year groups between each of the four houses. Fantastique!