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This Saturday’s cross country meet at Charlecote Park has been cancelled, due to the strong winds.

Early Farming

In History lessons, 1F have been learning about Early Farming. Our topic started with Mrs Thornton giving a most informative talk and slide show about The Croft’s development from a farm to a school. The children thought it was fun that sheep once grazed on our sports field!

We have looked at artefacts used on farms a long time ago. One of them was a ‘mystery’ object, and the children were asked to write a descriptive passage about it. They were challenged to find out what the object actually was. The answers varied greatly. Suggestions were: an old musical instrument, a church bell, a coal mine bucket, a well bucket and something for a horse to put his head through, and an old farm bell. What do you think?

The children also had great fun finding out how hard it must have been to milk cows by hand, when they ‘milked’ Clementine, and enjoyed tasting the fresh butter which we made.