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Down at the Station

The children in Class RMA have had an exciting week learning all about trains. They have found out about how trains have changed over the years, by looking at information from both books and the computer; they have all helped make a class model of a steam train out of junk; and written about where they would like to go on a train journey. The class also had a treat; and  visited  Mr Thornton's train shed where the children were all able to wind the engines up and watch them race around the tracks. The children asked Mr Thornton some interesting questions:

Emme H: "How do they work?" Mr Thornton demonstrated the spring mechanism which goes inside each little train.

Charlotte F: "How old are they?" Mr Thornton told us they were about 80 years old!

Joshua E: "What are they made from?" Mr Thornton said they are mostly metal.

Lara H: "How many are there?" Mr Thornton said there were around 100 different!

He also showed the class his favourite train, called KIng Arthur, and showed us how fast it could go. The children will also be finishing their train themed week with a talk from Hugo Hall's mother who is a train engineer.  What a fun and busy week!