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Devil's Toenails & Ammonites at Hock Cliff

As part of their Geology lessons, Year 5 set off on a trip to Hock Cliff in Gloucestershire on a mild and cloudy Friday morning, in search of fossils.

After playing many fun and imaginative games on the coach journey, Year 5 arrived at Hock Cliff in time for an early lunch. Pupils then put on their wellies and made their way across the fields towards the Severn Estuary. They were surprised, when Hock Cliff suddenly appeared, looking very calm and peaceful.

After a picnic lunch, Year 5 went down to the fields at the edge of the estuary and searched for fossils. Devil's Toenails were the most popular, followed by Ammonites, with Crinoids definitely being the hardest fossil to find. By the end of the trip, all of Year 5 had managed to find a fossil to take home to show their families. Leaving one last job to do: Year 5 definitely needed to change out of their very muddy fossil hunting clothes, before they were allowed back on the nice clean coach!

Written by: Bethan B, Grace H and Sophie McG