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Countries Of Our World

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 became intrepid explorers as they spent a week discovering the ‘Countries of our World’. Pre-Prep teachers really wanted to highlight just how many diverse and amazing countries and cultures there are in the world, so it was decided to take the children off-timetable for a week and make lessons appropriate to the country the children were investigating.


Reception learnt about China, Italy and South Africa, with activities ranging from: writing their names in Chinese characters, using tangram puzzles in maths, listening to opera, tasting chocolate pasta, and learning about the conservation of wild animals in Africa and how some of the animals are endangered because of poachers.


Young explorers in 1M created passports and pretended to fly to five different countries that some of the children’s parents had previously lived in. The children danced the famous Māori Haka, tasted Canadian Pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup, learnt about Indian dancing, clothing and fruit, counted to ten in Korean and heard about the stunning beaches in Barbados.  1DB were transported to Australia in a boat in their drama lesson, landing on sandy shores and listening to aboriginal stories. Children in IF discovered that in some parts of rural Tanzania, children have to walk a kilometre to collect drinking water for their families. 1F children practised carrying big buckets of water in The Croft’s conservation area – quickly realising just how heavy water is.


Ancient Greek myths, the Lemurs of Madagascar and Brazilian fables, have kept explorers in Year 2 enthralled. Children in 2FB particularly enjoyed Mrs Badger’s Greek restaurant and 2GB learnt about rainforests, carnivals and the forthcoming Olympics. Pupils in 2T produced their own toys out of recycled materials after discovering that this is what children in Madagascar would do.


Our explorers have learnt so much about ‘Countries of our World’ and embraced all the exciting activities. The cross-curricular week has helped the children recognise and understand the diversity of cultures, animals, food and music across the continents of the world.


A very special thank you must go to the parents who visited the children as part of their lessons during the 'Countries of our World' week. The parents' first-hand experience of living in the countries that the children were learning about greatly enriched the children's educational experience.