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Class 2MY Visit to The Black Country Museum

The children in Class 2MY didn’t let the weather spoil their outing to the Black Country Museum. They had an action-packed day where they looked at the Victorian school, a toll house, the canal boat and a scrumptious bakery/biscuit shop. It was hard work in the laundry, where everyone took a turn with the dolly and the mangle; perhaps the school could set up a laundry service! And the children loved the  Laurel & Hardy film in the old cinema - slapstick never dies.


John B, Sebastian B and Samuel L M were offered employment as guides, and several people stopped us to ask where the children came from and compliment them on their behaviour - well done, everyone!


If you are looking for something to do at Half Term, you could have a super day at the Black Country Museum, perhaps without the rain!