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Bonfire Cake Decorating Competition

Jelly Babies were this year’s most popular decoration for the House Bonfire Cake Decorating Competition. Whilst looking - loosely translated as drooling! - over the cakes, Mrs Hewitt said Hannah W’s cake was excellent as it appeared the Guy was having a ‘snooze’ whilst the orange and red flames flickered all below and above him.

A Year 4 pupil just said ‘Wow!’ when he saw Issy O’s cake with its large canopy of colour rising above the fire. Isabella B and Josh M entertained us with new baking techniques. Isabella melted chocolate, piped it into flame shapes, decorated with sprinkles and let chill in the fridge; whilst Josh made Pop cakes by putting the mixture into a 5cm spherical mould and placing them on a stick and decorating with mini marshmallows.

Returning to the Jelly Babies, Charlie K, Georgia W, Tulah S, Daniel V, and Aggie and Sam W had them as mini people surrounding their bonfire. As a final, and thoughtful word of caution, Megan and Georgia B made a hedgehog cake with the advice ‘please check’ under the bonfire for hedgehogs.

The 50p donated by every pupil goes to the Royal British Legion, which is very gratefully received, thank you.