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Bonfire Cake Competition

The smell of chocolate and the dramatic colours early in November can only mean that it is Bonfire Cake Decorating Competition time! Prep pupils, if they choose, can make a cake to celebrate the capture of Guy Fawkes. These cakes are entered into a House competition.  

Everyone has a chance to look at the cakes before they are cut up. On St David’s table, Rory F’s was popular, and liked by Tristan Q amongst others. Evie A’s was sought after by Alex S-M and Austin H. Archie M liked it because it showed great attention to detail. St Andrew’s had some original designs thanks to Meg N’s ‘wooden’ box of fireworks with exploding rockets, and liked by Anthony H. For St George’s House, there was only one winner according to Rajan P and Daniel V; it was called “Boom!” and was a large cannon ball coated in chocolate and made by Lewis B. St Patrick’s produced many good looking cakes, with two standout winners according to a straw poll of Year 3 pupils. Beatrix B’s ‘Rockets’ and Oscar W’s ‘Hedgehog’ were fabulous. Beatrix made excellent rockets out of jellied fruits wrapped around sticks to make colourful exploding fireworks and Oscar’s ‘Hedgehog’ produced many signs of affection as if it was a real animal! I hope everyone enjoyed their cake, and all the donated money will go to The Royal British Legion.

Bonfire Cake Decorating Competition Results

There were 31 fabulous entries in this year’s competition: the winning House was St Patrick’s with 9 entries; St George’s, 8; St David’s, 7; and St Andrew’s, 7. The winning entries for each House were made by: St Andrew’s – Tabi B St David’s – Evie A St George’s – Theo & Max M St Patrick’s – Jamie & Ella W Best in Show – Beatrix B (pictured) Thank you to all the parents who purchased cakes; your donations raised £158.25 for The Royal British Legion.