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Behind The Scenes of The Year 6 Show

Over the last two weeks, Year 6 pupils of The Croft Preparatory School have been working on a performance of the famous story of The Three Musketeers, originally written by Alexandre Dumas, adapted by Sarah Plowright and directed by Aaron Bixley.


The set and some of the props have been handmade or changed by Year 6 to look like what they would have at the time the original book was set in the seventeenth century, Paris. We have successfully created a bridge, covered wine bottles in leather and tissue paper, and made a classic French street and sewer set.


Some of the teachers have been busy creating outfits for all 55 pupils! The costumes all look amazing, from King Louis and Queen Anne, to the drunk, messy musketeers.


All for one and one for ALL!


Written by Betty C and Annabel B