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Dulce et Forte


A Step Into The Unknown

This term our Year 6 pupils have been trying to make biscuits with original flavours. They have combined ingredients such as mango and bacon, pear, mint and lemon zest, as well as dried strawberries mixed with chilli and cinnamon. They will not know until the blind tasting sessions if they have succeeded in making a product they enjoy!


Part of the project is having the confidence to design and make, without being certain of the outcome. Throughout history, risk takers have shaped the world, without them we would not have discovered other continents, have aeroplanes to fly us on holiday, cars that can park themselves, or medicines and vaccines to keep us alive. But we have a civilisation that is based on a culture, where, in order to gain a place at our desired school, university, or even drive our car, we have to pass a test or sit an exam. This influences our children and can make them fearful of ‘failure’, so much so, that they decline to take risks.


Inventors rarely get things right first time, often having to make many modifications before reaching their goal. Indeed sometimes they do not reach their goal at all. This, however, does not deter them from trying. Much can be learnt from the experience itself. Design work can be frustrating and challenging, but also very rewarding.