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100 Days Smarter!

On the 24th of February, our first day back after the Half Term holiday, it was our 100th day of school! We made it, 1T - PHEW!

The children of Class 1T have been counting to the 100th day since the first day of school, and were very excited to celebrate their 100th day of school. To mark the occasion the 1T pupils reminisced about their 100 days in Year 1; here are some of their fondest memories:

Tim D

- "Getting jumping beans from Santa, that was the best."

Nathaniel J -

"I enjoyed the Christmas play, and being a sheep."

Alfie D-G -

"I enjoyed the Pantomime, and Santa's Grotto."

Joshua P

- "I enjoy using Power Point in ICT."

Charlotte R

- "I enjoy the Tricky Word Hat, because the words started off easy and then got tricky."

We showed our number skills by counting in various patterns to 100, and also developed 100 mats using various objects in groups, showing that 10 groups of ten make 100. Using straws, we built different numbers, gaining confidence in understanding how numbers to 100 are built. We really enjoyed our 100th day of school, and we are 100 days SMARTER!