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Meet the Staff & Class Organisation

Meet the Staff


Mrs Alison Webber BA (Hons) QTS EYPS

Mrs Alison Webber is the Early Years Manager. An experienced Teacher with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), Mrs Webber gained EYPS (Early Years Professional Status) which focuses on the 0-5 age group, in 2010. She is also a CAF (Common Assessment Framework) Lead Professional and has been an 'Industry Advisor' for a number of Warwickshire College's Early Years courses since 2013. Mrs Webber teaches in both Little Crofters and Little Crofters Pre-school.


Miss Angela Thompson BTeach (ECE) EYPS

Miss Angela Thompson is the Deputy Early Years Manager with responsibility for Little Crofters and Little Crofters Pre-school. She has a wealth of experience leading Nursery settings and gained her EYPS (Early Years Professional Status) in 2009. Miss Thompson teaches in both Little Crofters and Little Crofters Pre-school.


Mrs Gemma Marchington BA (Hons) EYPS

Mrs Gemma Marchington is the Deputy Early Years Manager with responsibility for Reception.  She is an experienced Teacher of 0-5 year olds, and gained her EYPS (Early Years Professional Status) qualification in 2010. Mrs Marchington is a Reception Class Teacher, and a fully qualified Level 3 Forest School Leader.


Class Organisation


Little Crofters

Children may enter Little Crofters from age 3. Mrs Charlotte Garne (EYPS) ensures a smooth transition for children from home to school in conjunction with Miss Alex Sievier, our Parent Partnership Leader (Level 3).


Little Crofters 3 year old children attend a minimum of two morning sessions and benefit from a variety of child-led and adult-led experiences. 


Mrs Linda Harris (Level 3), Mr Oliver Harrison (Level 5), Mrs Shirley-Anne Lilley (Level 3), Miss Deborah Roche (Level 2) and Mrs Sally-Anne Sowter (Level 2) are part time Early Years Assistants who work in Little Crofters.


Little Crofters Pre-school

Children move into our Pre-school classroom from the September of the academic year of their 4th Birthday. Children attend Pre-school for a minimum of five morning sessions. Parents have the option to opt their child into as many, or as few afternoon sessions as they require.


Pre-school children are divided into three key groups - Frogs, Ducks and Rabbits. Each key group is led by an Early Years Teacher - Mrs Alison Webber, Miss Angela Thompson and Miss Caroline Beale respectively.


Mrs Hannah Harris (Level 3) and Mrs Caroline Hudson (Level 3) are part-time assistants in Little Crofters Pre-school.



Children enter Reception in the September of statutory schooling. The maximum class size is twenty children.  Each class is assigned an Early Years Teacher and an Early Years Assistant. 


Classes are taught by qualified teachers – Mrs Gemma Marchington/Mrs Denise Austin, Mrs Louise Livingstone-Jones and Mrs Lucy Bolderston.  Reception classes are supported by full-time assistants - Mrs Lyn Walter (Level 5), Mrs Olivia Davies (Level 3) and Miss Ginny Ranson (Level 3).