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Curriculum Strategy

The New Staffing Structure


The new staffing structure which is designed to improve educational outcomes for children through a progressive dynamic curriculum, clear communication lines between home and school, as well as providing improved career progression opportunities for teaching staff.  It will also enable The Croft to maintain its excellent ISI accreditations under the new inspection framework.


Assistant Heads


The newly created structure includes two new roles, Assistant Head Academic and Assistant Head Pastoral, who will report to the Deputy Headmaster.  These senior management roles will ensure a greater responsibility for the pupils and will deal with parents’ concerns, after following the usual procedure of parents contacting the Class or Form Teacher in the first instance.


Mrs Charlotte Hughes has been appointed as Assistant Head Academic.  Mrs Hughes joins us from Northleach Primary School where she was Head of KS1 & KS2, Year 6 Class Teacher and member of the Senior Leadership Team and has worked in First, Primary and Middle Schools. Mrs Hughes currently leads teacher and TA training and lesson observations, and is responsible for school tracking and moderation. She has experience in a diverse range of activities including dance, athletics, computing, Art, Maths and Drama.


In addition, Mr James Ferris is the Assistant Head Pastoral, and he joins us from Crackley Hall School where he was Assistant Head and an experienced Senior Leader. His responsibilities include KS2 Leader, Maths Subject Leader and Leader of Co-curricular Activities. Mr Ferris is passionate about sport, and is an active member of the Games department at Crackley Hall coaching rugby, football and cricket. His interests also include golf and skiing.


Head of Faculties


To ensure the curriculum remains challenging, inspiring and dynamic we have introduced Faculties, each headed up by an existing member of staff. One of their responsibilities will be to strategically align the subjects within the faculty, whilst overseeing a stimulating curriculum for each aspect. There will be opportunities for enrichment days within each faculty throughout the year and cross-curricular themed activities and topics.


The introduction of Faculties will facilitate an innovative approach to preparatory education and ensure The Croft remains at the forefront of educational initiatives. For example, the Emotional and Physical Development Faculty, will ensure pupils' mental health, mindfulness and well-being are intrinsically linked throughout the delivery of the physical education programme. Thus, providing our pupils with the very best experiences of an holistic education.


The Head of Faculties are as follows:


  • Language (English, French, Latin) – Mrs Claire Field
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – Mrs Angela Mills
  • Humanities (Geography, History, RE) – Mr David Coggins
  • Emotional and Physical Development (PSHE, Games, PE) – Mrs Gemma Cook
  • Creative Arts (Music, Drama, Art and Design) – Mr Julian Shortman


Under the new model, the role of the Teaching Assistant is to be refocused and has been retitled Learning Assistant (LA), with a greater emphasis on the pupils' learning, as the name suggests. The LAs are to be assigned by Ms Louise Anstey, SENDCo, to ensure appropriate support is aligned where the need is greatest to ensure all pupils benefit from the expertise of the staff.